I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.

–Stephen Covey

Progress in Cap Haitien

smiling ladyThe vision for the CHDI evolved during many visits to Haiti. We observed that infrequent direct care is not an effective model in achieving adequate oral health. We believe that more could be done, therefore, this initiative of the BPOC program, delivered by Haitian dentists has been launched.

We have chosen to use the BPOC as a guiding framework for the CHDI and all our activities. This approach has proven to be successful. We have integrated this program with the Haitian government health care ministry (MSPP) and community leaders in Cap Haitien. Designed to be both sustainable and affordable to deliver, we believe that volunteering can be more than just an act of charity. For any program to be mutually advantageous the host country, volunteers and the program organization must work together to achieve the greatest benefit to all.